Danish Energy Independence

Today’s column by Thomas Friedman, “Denmark is flush with energy” is a worthy read.

The most chilling comment comes at the end when Ditev Engel, the President of Vestas- now the world’s largest wind turbine company-points out he can’t understand why the U.S. Congress didn’t extend the production tax credits for wind production. As a result 35 competitors for Vestas have emerged in China in the past 18 months and none from the U.S.


One Response to Danish Energy Independence

  1. dashelschueler says:

    The Daily Score pointed out another interesting quote on high oil prices from that article – this one from the center-right Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen: “The cure is not to reduce the price, but, on the contrary, to raise it even higher to break our addiction to oil. We are going to introduce a new tax reform in the direction of even higher taxation on energy and the revenue generated on that will be used to cut taxes on personal income – so we will improve incentives to work and improve incentives to save energy and develop renewable energy.”

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