Space Post, West Coast

Not to be confused with Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Anyway, article today on Crosscut about space tourism. And you know what I say: “If it’s at all tourism-related, I get to post about it!” (BTW, note the triple pun in the title – post as in a blog post, as in an outpost and as a play on words with ghost. Genius.)

Three reasons why central Puget Sound could be the great Space Port of the Future for space tourism:
1) Two of the top investors in this thing (Paul Allen and Jeff Bezos) live here. It’s the ultimate working from home!
2) If you haven’t noticed, we’re sort of a center for aerospace industry.
3) Space tourism is going to cost a lot of money per person per flight. We have a lot of rich people. Two great tastes that go great together.

Oh, what’s that you say? Space shuttles can’t land in the rain? Join the club…our tourism season is only three months for cruise ships too!

2 Responses to Space Post, West Coast

  1. billmcsherry says:

    It doesn’t rain much in Moses Lake. Better place to land!

  2. ericschinfeld says:

    True enough…Moses Lake it is. And they can build the shuttle sensors out of all the silicon they’re processing. Maybe this space port idea isn’t so bad after all. Put it on the Tourism/Visitors Working Group agenda!

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