Seattle 18th on list of top U.S. tourist destinations

Via PSBJ, economic and financial analysis company Global Insight ranks Seattle 18th on a list of the Top 100 U.S. Tourism City Destinations for 2007. The rankings compare domestic and international tourism spending, tourism job creation, and the degree to which each city’s economic vitality is dependent upon visitors.

Not suprisingly, we benefit from increased foreign travel, driven both by our proximity to Asia and Canada, as well as the falling U.S. dollar:

New York City jumped two positions from its 2006 standing, overtaking Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada to capture the top spot in total tourism spending. The influx of international visitors, who stay longer and spend more than their domestic counterparts, is driving Big Apple growth. In fact, New York gained about 1.5 million overseas visitors last year and increased its share of total international visitors by 3.3%. Foreign visitors also pushed up Washington, DC, Miami, Florida, Seattle, Washington, and Santa Ana/Anaheim, California., in the rankings. (emphasis added)

Of course, all those foreign visitors need to be accommodated with signs in their languages, currency exchange and tourism/visitor professionals who can communicate with them (whether at a hotel, restaurant, attraction or event). We’re taking a look at how to do that in our Tourism/Visitors Working Group.


One Response to Seattle 18th on list of top U.S. tourist destinations

  1. billmcsherry says:

    GI did the first Prosperity Partnership economic analysis. They must do good work!

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